Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stop Blue Herons eating Koi Fish

Koi are valuable friends, both emotionally and monitarily. Few people enjoy finding a koi fish missing from their pond. Often the blue heron is the culprit in Greenville SC and the surrounding Upstate.

So how do you keep the blue heron from cleaning you out "lock, stock, and barrel?" Many gizmos have tried but, few have proven successful. From inflatable snakes or giant eyes each manufacter promises to keep you fish safe. Others have tried science, claiming blue herons are solitary birds not encroaching on heron decoys. But as you will see in a moment in this video this too is false hope.

Creative twirling spinners colorful and reflective have been thought to enough motion to scare a blue heron, but they too have little success. Often because of a friend or a neighbor homeower's will be convinced that a owl or hawk like decoy will be sure to scare any blue heron. But as the Upstate's pond doctor, let me save you a bunch of money...none of these ideas work.

Fish line and nets are a option that work to save your koi but, are just plain ugly. The real solution is build a better pond. Secret caves, tunnels and plenty of aquatic plants will give any koi a fighting chance to survive being bright orange.

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